At Tobby Vision Computers, we often speak to our participants on the vitalness of growth – the growth of oneself, our community, and country as a whole. No matter the size of the development, growth always comes from within, with both eyes on the future while keeping a foot in the past. 

We applied this approach to our own progress as an organization and in 2017 set out to redefine our organization’s goals. While acknowledging the strides we’d made throughout our history, we worked alongside Olaf Seidel from A&O Business Enablement to strategize our future. With his expertise in this field, we took a true grassroots approach and started by building a holistic organizational overview and outlining a joint vision for the mid to long-term future of the institute.

As our organization has grown, so too has the opportunity to implement new areas of outreach and sustainable development. In consultation with Olaf, we identified Agriculture, Woodworking, Automobile-Repairs, Fashion Design, and Clothing as viable programs to develop and roll-out. 

From here, we moved to the second phase of the process to design and implement the projects. During this stage, we brought together our vision into a deliverable format for potential investor presentations. We recognize the importance of tailoring our work to be targeted and suitable for the Northwest Region of Cameroon. As such, we included political and socio-economic considerations as part of our design stage. 

Now that we have planted the seed for the project, and built a vibrant environment around it, we look forward to welcoming investors and supporters so that we may reach the full potential of our sustainable development goals.