Action Lab for Development (ACTLAB) is a non-profit organization registered by the government of Cameroon, partnered with the United Nations as their consultant.
We are an apolitical group involved in entrepreneurship, creative economies, and civil society work.
Founded in 2016 and legally authorized in 2018 by the Cameroonian government, ACTLAB is one of 66 entities recommended for special consultative status by the Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (United Nations, 2020). This status reflects our strong interest in contributing to the work of the UN and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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We think that share is care, be part of our connections because together we can make a change. Through our local opportunities, you can be part of our team as an online volunteer or on the field.

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Do you want to join our team?

We have many online collaborators that help us by sharing their knowledge and power to address global sustainable development changes. You can join us from everywhere in the world just with a device.

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We have a revolutionary onsite and online learning platform to make vocational education and training more attractive and safe. It also helps to reduce educational costs through digitalization and quality.

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To support local initiatives oriented to creative innovation and entrepreneurship, by providing tools and opportunities that track continuous improvement.

To facilitate knowledge–sharing between entrepreneurs, institutions and other partners by enabling networking and training activities.

To promote skills based volunteering in youth and universal access to research and education by building digital platforms for community knowledge commons and supporting local ingenuity.

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My experience at Action Lab has really inspired my knowledge on entrepreneurship.
In fact it has greatly improved my degree of creativity and innovation, and through this I can now directly control my own business and be proud of it. I just want to use this medium to say a very big thank you to Action Lab for Development for inspiring
my focus as an entrepreneur.

Naweh Claris

Action Lab for Development (ACTLAB) enhanced my entrepreneurial mentality, my creative, innovative
actions and improves researches with high ecological validity, improve teaching methods with higher
reality and zero abstract.

Ndofor Andrew

I have had a great experience since I became a participant of Action Lab for Development Entrepreneurs. My skills have greatly improved through creative and innovative ideas and this has encouraged me to run a startup business. 

Atanga Maxwell

My experience with ActionLab was a one of a lifetime experience. Not only the teaching lessons
with the students have been amazing but also all the time I could spend with the community
outside the classroom has just been wonderful. A big thank you to Mr. Cornelius and the team!
Hopefully we see each other soon again to continue our common started projects

Janek Andre

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