NAME: Tobby Vision Computers Vocational Education and Training Center

TOPIC: Education & Training


DURATION: 5th October 2020 – 15th June 2022 and ongoing

LOCATION: Bambui, Bamenda & Douala Cameroon.

DEADLINE: If you want to apply fill the form before June ASAP.

WE ARE LOOKING FOR 3 VOLUNTEERS: Living in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, motivated & determined between 18+ years old, interested to support food security, advocacy and education to positively impact the lives of vulnerable youths, suffering from systematic human rights violations and abuses especially as the ongoing armed conflict persists in the two English speaking North West and South regions of Cameroon.

When it comes to challenges like poverty and inequality, no one has a better understanding of the realities of these issues than the communities experiencing them every day. Access to education, especially in the field of social entrepreneurship is a powerful tool for youths to translate that lived experience into scalable solutions.

Requirements for the volunteers:
Volunteers should have an entrepreneurship + agricultural background with good knowledge on startups, agriculture(crop production, farm management), Microfinance and educational business and marketing skills, good computer software application skills especially Internet and Social Media use, knowledge and entry level teaching and training skills.
Practical background in Agriculture, Marketing, Finance, Management & Computer Science  

THE PROJECT: (TVC-VET) is a Best Practice VET for the 21st century in Africa as recognized by the African Union Commission. This program promotes accelerated learning in facilitated environments, allowing youths to acquire skills, access jobs, start small business enterprises of their own, and utilize financial services to secure a better future.
We scan the workforce to determine what skills are in demand to then better equip our students for success. Technical and vocational training runs for 9 months, after which students are sent out for practical assignments, prepared for applying to jobs, and eventually connected to real internship and job opportunities.
Having graduated from the TVC-VET program, 39 students are now established teachers, farmers, business owners, university students, data analysts, financial consultants, and managers. Overall the school has trained 794 students. This includes 230 girls and 68 boys trained as administrative assistants, 75 girls and 50 boys for computerized accounting, 10 girls and 28 boys for computer programming (in partnership with MentorNations), 4 girls and 37 boys for computer maintenance, and 126 girls and 127 boys for graphic design.

THE MISSION: Tobby Vision Computers Vocational Education Training Center trains Cameroonian farmers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, youth and civil society in the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), Entrepreneurship Agropastoral Training who enrol for jobs, career orientation and income reasons.

The main missions for the volunteer will be:
1. Organize learning-cum-discussion groups, for trainees selected and admitted to the project based on the following criteria: willingness, interest and commitment in agricultural and entrepreneurship development, ability to do manual labour, capable of speaking English etc.

2. The volunteers will organize campaigns and workshops in the communities around Agropastoral and Entrepreneurship Training. They will design and print education material and monitor, evaluate the project and write reports. 

3. We envisage that the volunteers can produce different curriculums and send them to us to upload on our website so that trainees can practice at their convenience. The e-Learning course to be produced by volunteers on Crop Production, Farm Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Training; we recommend participants should prepare e-Learning courses to reflect realities in Cameroon to deliver large volumes of learning content to young trainees at Action Lab for Development and across the country. This will guarantee safe and digital access for trainees and provides them with training in the relevant and sustainable fields of Crop Production, Farm Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship and very importantly social entrepreneurship. With a continuous nationwide increase in the usage of computers and “smart” devices, this e-learning will also help to reach people outside the current location of ACTLAB, and improve the overall employability and economic empowerment of youths through real live technological knowledge and entrepreneurship.

4. In the light of the current covid-19 pandemic, we are currently investigating the potential viability of different models for running this project entirely digital without volunteers leaving their respective countries.