NAME: Fundraising and local opportunity

TOPIC: Resource Mobilization


DURATION: 15TH November 2020 – 15th April 2021

LOCATION: Cameroon

DEADLINE: If you want to apply fill the form before 15th December 2020.

We are looking for one volunteer: Living in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, motivated between 18+ years old, interested to be Officer for Individual Fundraising, responsible for developing and delivering on and offline peer-to-peer and other fundraising campaigns and contributes actively to other areas of individual fundraising: event organizing, direct marketing, prospect research.
Volunteer your fundraising, backend data and tracking skills

Requirements for the volunteers:
Fully committed to ACTLAB’s mission, values, and objectives;
Proven skills in professional social media use (optimization, tracking);
A Proactive self-starter with organizational and administrative skills and the ability to coordinate multiple ongoing projects at the same time;
Excellent interpersonal skills, with the ability to interact with people from a wide diversity of backgrounds and cultures;
Expert level of verbal and written communications skills in English and German;
Ability to work independently and as a member of a team;
Advanced skills in PC-environment and MS Office, and with database programs.

Education and experience:
Minimum 5 years of experience in developing, implementing, optimizing and leading fundraising activities, preferably online, peer-to-peer fundraising and/or online campaigning;
Experience organizing activists, cause-driven campaigns and direct actions a plus;
We encourage people who have direct experience of injustice (economic injustice, social and climate injustices) to apply.

THE PROJECT: Fundraising & Backend, Data & Tracking

1. Fundraising
Develops, coordinates and implements online fundraising strategies focus on peer-to-peer fundraising and online campaigning;
Delivers individual donor acquisition through online channels (social media, online communities, peer-led activities on and offline), and focuses on core and mid-level donors for English speaking audiences;
Develops relationships with corporate partners and corporate sponsors for peer-to-peer fundraising and events, as well as maximizes warm partner/sponsor contacts;
Identifies, establishes and develops long-term relationships with participants, groups and associations to maximize participation, fundraising and year-over-year retention;
Coordinates project teams with staff and external consultants related to online, social and peer-to-peer fundraising and campaigning strategies;
Organizes donor and fundraising activities together with individual fundraising team;
Represents ACTLAB at public events and donor events;

2. Backend, Data & Tracking
Ensures streamlined, up-to-date online giving experiences on ACTLAB and 3rd party platforms;
Monitors and tracks fundraising progress using the database; updates, inputs and runs data reports and uses them to adapt and improve ACTLAB’s fundraising;
Tracks and reports recruitment and fundraising activity against agreed performance indicators and targets;
Ensures adherence to budgets for online and peer-to-peer fundraising activities.

THE MISSION: The Officer for Individual Fundraising implements ACTLAB’s online, peer-to-peer and event fundraising and brings creativity, focus and both digital and analog skill to our resource mobilization.